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Civil Bullet Engineering (WBE)
876 Lakemont Drive
Nashville, TN  27220

615.373.2020 Office
615.218.5771 Mobile

Civil Bullet Engineering, a subsidiary of The Barry Group, Inc. (WBE) provides professional engineering services in the following areas: Engineering Consulting, Project Management, Project Coordination, Construction Administration, Forensic Engineering, Civil/Structural Engineering, Master Planning and Landscape Architecture Design, and Structural Inspections.

The Barry Group, Inc. (WBE) a Woman-owned Business Enterprise, established in 1998, provides executive management team consulting and corporate training programs.
Civil Bullet Engineering

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Gravity's Rainbow

Obsession? Compulsion? Addiction?

Dancing with gravity. Moments of great-souled weightlessness as you pop off a rise and the slope falls away beneath your skis as quickly as you descend. Awash in sensations, falling, floating, flying, with only the subtle hiss of soft snow beneath the skis. At 15 mph, life is a blurr; at 35 mph, it becomes crystal clear. Speed becomes a friend. Making only enough contact with the earth to maintain direction, balance and control.

Are we crazy? Yes, but it's the best kind of crazy. It is the quirky insistence of humankind that it has a "knowing". A leap of faith on the razor's edge. We ski. We are members of a community founded on an understanding of sensation, a recognition of beauty, a shared thrill at the uncommonness of defying gravity.

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Harpeth Bike Club

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